Your emotional health is a priority for us

Mind Balance Solutions (MBS) CIC provides mental health and mindfulness services. We registered as a social enterprise in March 2019 to help the minority community (and beyond) with mental health issues. It is a company with a clear vision to help people achieve resilience, self-awareness and wellbeing.

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We run

Individual sessions

emotional support, psychotherapy sessions, mentoring.

Workshops and group activities

psycho-educational and mindfulness workshops, yoga classes, information sessions for parents.


Our one-to-one sessions are conducted in-house and online and are designed for adults and children

We help children, couples in relationships, families by supporting them with the problems of everyday life, as well as business people, leaders in business psychology. We understand that both to be a parent who raises the next generation, as well as to be a leader who sees more, you need to be able to maintain mindfulness and stoic calm with positive thinking.

This is why we run thematic workshops to raise awareness of being resilient, managing stress, dealing with emotions and practising wellbeing. We extend our services by collaborating with other service providers to provide the best and most comprehensive service to our clients. As a result, we provide wellbeing methods and tools, including meditation and yoga, providing a holistic approach encompassing body, mind and soul.

Mental health and wellbeing are the main goal of MBS in a demanding society and the current global situation.

Our vision for the future is to build and develop a strong multicultural centre for clients from different life paths and cultures.

The range of services such as psychoeducation, mentoring, support for the unemployed is successively being expanded with innovative mentoring and therapeutic techniques.

The variety of projects are the pride and pillar of Mind Balance Solutions. All to support and teach the community how to find their way in an evolving world that sometimes lacks empathy for the other, as well as understanding for oneself!

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Person Centred Counselling is 100% client-led and allows you to be empowered by your self-awareness to reach self-actualisationPerson Centred therapy is non-directive; I, as the therapist, would not give advice or guidance. We will build a relationship that enables you to be heard and not judged by offering active listening and reflection of your emotions and feelings. You will be empowered by participating in the therapeutic relationship and actualising your potential for growth, wholeness, spontaneity and inner directness. You can effectively resolve your life problems without my interpretation and direction. Sessions will focus on fully experiencing the present moment, learning to accept oneself and deciding how to grow towards becoming your best self.

CBT is an approach for which there is ample scientific evidence that the methods that have been developed actually produce change. In this manner, CBT differs from many other forms of psychological treatment.

CBT is based on several core principles, including:

Psychological problems are based, in part, on faulty or unhelpful ways of thinking.

Psychological problems are based, in part, on learned patterns of unhelpful behaviour.

People suffering from psychological problems can learn better ways of coping with them, thereby relieving their symptoms and becoming more effective in their lives.

CBT treatment usually involves efforts to change thinking patterns. These strategies might include:

• Learning to recognize one’s distortions in thinking that are creating problems, and then evaluate them in light of reality.
• Gaining a better understanding of the behaviour and motivation of others.
• Using problem-solving skills to cope with difficult situations.
• Learning to develop a greater sense of confidence in one’s own abilities.

CBT treatment also usually involves efforts to change 
behaviouralpatterns. These strategies might include:

• Facing one’s fears instead of avoiding them.
• Using role-playing to prepare for potentially problematic interactions with others.
• Learning to calm one’s mind and relax one’s body

Our values are our key to continuous development and outreach:


Ethical approach

We pride ourselves on treating each case individually and uniquely. We look at the problem from the clients’ perspective!


Stronger together

We believe that by helping individuals, we contribute to lasting change by overcoming clients’ personal obstacles in their lives.



By providing psycho-education, we become stronger and united by knowing how to maintain balance in life.


Empowering people

By giving unconditional time and a safe space to talk, we make a mentally healthy society ready for progress in all areas of life.


Deep commitment

By understanding the Polish community in the UK, we are able to provide support in the mother tongue, thus helping to overcome the language barrier and understand migration and emotional issues on a deeper level.

Customer feedback

Check out what customers are saying about us.

Sebastian Urbańczyk
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I have had the opportunity to get to know Catherine and her working methods. I am not a layman since I have been helping others on similar levels myself for almost 14 years. I can write with full responsibility that Mind Balance Solutions is doing a great job. Kasia as a psychotherapist on emotional planes is certainly an expert. If you don't know how to love yourself or at least start to like yourself I recommend working with her. You have come to the right hands.
Paulina Czerwińska
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I wholeheartedly recommend Mind Balance Solutions . Thanks to professional care at the highest level in a very difficult moment of my life, in fact at the biggest turning point in my life, I received enormous help and support when I needed it so much. Ms Kasia is a very warm, caring and wise therapist, who took care of me and my son, and although I still have a lot of work ahead of me, thanks to this support I learn how to find solutions to cope with various adversities that happen in life. Meetings with Kasia and her support really helped me a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I recommend everyone who needs help, don't be afraid to reach for it, because it is really great.
Milena Juszczak-Marciniak
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Mind Balance Solutions workshops are led by a Woman full of passion, experience and commitment. Katarzyna Gajowy is able to see the potential of individuality when leading group meetings. If you are a person who wants to get to know your emotions and learn to express them consciously, then be sure to apply, because you will be in the best hands. Good luck
Maja Bratoś
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Kasia is a very positive and super-sympathetic person who also has a wealth of knowledge and wants to use it to help others. I met her at a workshop for students, which she conducted in a very interesting way and on topics close to all students. Kasia involved everyone and patiently answered every question that arose. I wholeheartedly recommend Kasia's workshops and encourage everyone to attend!
Katarzyna Klimuszko
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Thank you so much Kasia, every meeting gives a lot of ideas. You are wonderful to listen to and know how to motivate and draw the essence out of a conversation. I was not aware of such a variety of boundaries. Thank you for making the connection between emotions, feelings in the body and recognising our boundaries. I supposedly knew this but you made me aware of it and inspired me to make a list of what I need in business and boundary balance. Thank you very much.
Julia Maria
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I had the pleasure of working with Kasia on workshops conducted for Polish students. Kasia is a very friendly, competent person with a modern and pragmatic approach to psychology and therapy. The classes were tailored to the problems young people face and allowed us to understand and work on them. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone and I myself look forward to future projects in which I can participate.
Jenny Barnett
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I received coaching sessions on gaining confidence in my life. I would definitely recommend ! To start off the session Katie helped centre me with a warm welcome. Katie has brilliant expertise in the business sector as well as emotions. With my coaching session I wanted to focus on a new career and more positive way of life, we made short term and long term plans to have clear aims. Then we dived deep into the thoughts and emotions which effect my actions creating my current life. Overall, Katie went above and beyond what I expected. I left feeling clear about what I needed to do for my life, well-being and very positive for the future. She is a brilliant guide, I am very pleased. Thank you so much!
Agnieszka Zawisza
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Katarzyna and Klaudia thank you for being here. I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Mind Balance Solution . You took care of me and helped me to understand my emotions. You listened and did not judge. But most of all, I would like to thank you for making me realise that Head Hygiene, Thought Hygiene is the most important in the whole functioning of a human being as an individual. We exercise our bodies , we take care of our skin , our appearance , we spend a lot of money on it and why don't we take care of our psyche ? I change a lot of blockages and bad habits thanks to MBS , but also constant work on myself. Thank you for the tools and techniques that have been made available to me . I highly recommend again